In 1975, the Texas Legislature created the Harris-Galveston Subsidence District (HGSD) to provide for the regulation of groundwater withdrawal. This measure was taken to prevent land subsidence (the “dropping” of land) caused by excessive groundwater withdrawal. The large amount of freshwater pumped out of our underground resources was creating flooding problems, and also depleting our aquifers at an alarming rate.

In 1999, a bold plan was developed to reduce groundwater withdrawal through a conversion to surface water in north and west Harris County. Under the 1999 Plan, MUD 165 was required to join an approved group constructing a surface water infrastructure. If we did not do so, disincentive fees would have been charged for groundwater withdrawal. In compliance, MUD 165 entered into a contract with the West Harris County Regional Water Authority (WHCRWA) to meet the requirements of the HGSD plan for surface water conversion.

Regional Water Authority Fees

MUD 165 pays the Regional Water Authority a pumpage fee based on water pumped from the MUD 165 wells. MUD 165 passes through the Regional Water Authority pumpage fees to our customers based on their individual actual monthly water usage. As the pumpage fee charged by Regional Water Authority changes in the future (and it will go up), the new rate will be invoiced.


MUD 165 continues to recommend to customers that they utilize any and all efforts to practice water conservation in their daily lives. It will not only keep your water costs down, but will also help to sustain our freshwater reserve for generations to come. Read the monthly water conservation inserts with your water bill and the articles in our newsletters for simple ways to start conserving.Conservation is the only way to control Regional Water Authority costs.

More information on the Harris Galveston Subsidence District and Regional Water Authority is available by visiting their websites available as links from the MUD 165 website,